Helpful Emergency Numbers for the Neighborhood

Police:   319-286-5491 pr 911                                                City Streets/snow plowing:   319-286-5802

Linn County Sheriff:   319-398-3911                                   Fire: 911

Ambulance:   911                                                                        Poison Control:   800-222-1222

Gas Leak:   800-595-5325                                                           Water Problems/Water Freeze:   319-286-5900

Power Outage:   800-255-4268                                                 Lines Down:   800-255-4268

Trees or Tree Limbs Down:

If limbs or tree rest on power lnes call 800-255-4268

If limbs or tree are in street or are City trees call

Public Works at 319-286-5802

Trees (Is your tree owned by you or the City?)

City Arborist (Public Works.......Todd Fagan) 319-286-5616

Nuisance Abatement (noticing a mess in the neighborhood): 319-286-5890

Garbage Collection, Recycling, Leaf pick-up, &Bulky Items: 319-286-5897

Solid Waste in Marion (County Home Rd. Location): 319-377-5290

Animal Control:

     Domestic Animals such as Dogs, Cats, etc.     319-286-5993

     All other animals such as Racccoons, Badgers, Deer, Skunk, etc. falls under the

     responsibility of the CRPD     319286-5491 or

     Wildlife Specialties Inc.   319-389-3183 (Kirk Stout) 24 HR. Service

Any other problems not shown here.........please contact the City offices

for direction:     319-286-5080

Kenwood Park Neighborhood Association Contacts

  • President: Erica Yoder
    • Email:
    • Phone: (319) 369-4810
  • Vice President: Sheryl Hansen
  • Secretary: Sue Latting
  • Treasurer: Terry Foley
  • Community Relations: Eric Wittig and Sue Poyneer
  • Member at large: Marvin Tieskoetter

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